Its All About Human Resources!

Includes a full suite of applications for comprehensive human capital management: core HR functions, time and attendance, candidate recruiting, performance reviews,, benefits administration and more with complete integration with Canadatel Applications.

Flexibility and scalability that you need!

  • Flexible and scalable to respond to the needs of a company, whatever           its size may be. It is affordable, user-friendly, and accessible worldwide
  • Cloud or On-Premise Hosting and Module-based architecture
  • Customization and seamless integrations with Easy & Quick                             implementation

With people management you get everything that you and your team needs to succeed. You’ll be able to unlock things like reporting, Org Chart, employee data, and so much more. From Custom User Roles to Mobile App, People management gives you all of the core tools you will need to manage HR with ease.

It gives you a 360 degree view of your employees, you can track goals, and know who at your company is thriving and who needs some help. Take control of your culture and help your employees grow.

It’s the springboard to having a great culture and finding the right fit for your company. It offers Job Posting, Integrate System with Company Website , Interview Assistant Automation, Interview Assistant Automation and onboarding.

Remove the headache of manually tracking PTO, figuring out attendance, or having a Payroll system not integrated with your HRMS. With compensation pillar feature Canadatel workforce solves all of these problems.

Human resource management & administration:

Custom User Roles

Create various levels of access to your user base, whether they are a recruiter or CEO.


a way to communicate with your employees about anything. Just attach on the dashboard!

Mobile App

When you get the mobile app, it gives you the ability to unlock functionality at your fingertips!

Audit Trail

Track any changes to the system & implement any minor or major changes within the system.

HR Policy Publisher

Allows you to attach the most important things and have it publish on the dashboard.


The Dashboard is the command center for everything most important to the user. & keep everyone organized.

Asset Tracking

A way for your team to track any and every asset your staff has & free you from the paperwork.


Automated emails triggered based on actions that either to do or things that are completed.

Workforce Buzz

The internal social media platform that allows your employees to share updates within the company.

Manage all your documents at one place:

Document Templates

House documents like contract letters, termination letters, and to export them as a PDF if you ever need to print them out.

Custom Reports

Start using custom reporting to track things and help answer questions that are unique to your organization.

Snapshot Reporting

View data such as the job information, salary information, etc. as of a particular date in the past & keep track of data.

PTO Calendar

See everyone’s leave requests before and after approvals can give you great insight on your company’s staffing.

Organization Chart

Giving your employee a way to see the entire company’s layout by directing them to company’s Organization Chart.

Graphical Reports

Give a great bird’s eye view of trends and helps tell a story on where you are either excelling or needing to improve.

Application Forms

Create custom forms and templates ready to use so that the experience is consistent for all participants.


Whether it's a new hire group or individual, create events that correlate with their start date making sure everything is ready.

Corporate Directory

With the Corporate Directory, you can see everyone’s address, phone number, email address, job title, and more!

Extraction of Reports

Export your reports as PDF or CSV so all your team members can review or do additional analysis.


Create custom questionnaires and templates so anyone in the team have access to it while maintaining the consistency.

Assign Events

Stop worrying & build multiple events and different tracks of events for easy tracking and accountability.

Manage your personnel information:

Employee Database

Own & manage your employees information in a secure way by creating Employee Databases with different categories.

Leave Management

With Request / Approve Leave, your employees will be able to request time off and have their manager or whomever approve their request.


Create new profiles and add custom fields like update information in bulk, house job and salary history.

360° Reviews

Gives you a birdseye view on how any particular employee is doing based on peer to peer and manager to peer feedback.

Disciplinary Tracking

Allows your team to not miss seeing patterns of behavior from an employee like being late to work consistently.

Goal Tracking

Helps the manager to track, manage, and create custom goals, add OKRs, and assign them to one or many employees to help keep visibility.

Peace of mind is just

a few clicks away!

Supercharge your HR team & empower your people with powerful HR software. From talent management to culture, to people management and compensation, Workforce helps thousands of businesses around the world be great places to work.