Every Conversation. One Platform!

Supercharge your internal communications with channels, threads and discussions. With Omni-channel feature enjoy real time conversations with external customers through social media, email, website live chat and phone call notifications via the same familiar web and smart phone application interface.

Full centralized control of your data

  • Replace WhatsApp and other consumer messaging applications with your own chat application solution with recording, monitoring, reporting, and detailed analysis.
  • Easily scalable and can be integrated with What’s App, Teams, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, phone calls, and yours CRM to get the most out of customer services.
  • Replace commercial services like Slack with your own dedicated chat solution with better features set, with your corporate branding.

Bring together messages, projects, and tasks into one place and watch your team’s productivity rise to new heights.

Engage in contextual interactions with customers irrespective of how they contact you. Ensure long-term relationships and improved business outcomes.

Create custom messaging experiences within your app or website by integrating and white labelling CT-Chat components and enterprise features.

Extend and customise your workspace with custom apps, open APIs, powerful plugins and web-hooks.

Team collaboration for privacy-conscious organizations:

Direct Messaging

Use one-on-one messaging to communicate privately or group messaging to connect with teams.

Audio Video Calling

Leverage video conferencing integrations to share information more efficiently, so that work gets done faster.

Search history

With chat, every user gets unlimited access to search history. Never lose access to critical information.

Threads in Chat

Create Thread in chat to manage and organize your conversation in meaningful way.

File Sharing

Share files, documents, photos, and videos from your computer, device, or cloud storage with complete data protection.

Custom workflows

Eliminate manual work. Simplify specific processes and get valuable time back to focus on more complex tasks.

Multi Discussion

Powerful enough to manage multiple conversations request from any chat, team and channel.

Multi Channels

Use private channels to collaborate with your team and public channels for company-wide communications.

Control & Governance

Configure custom rules and role-based permissions to control account access for each team and every employee from a single dashboard.

Communications from a single place:


Agent can receive customer calls, history and selected queue options in chat app with integration of telephony.


Easily handle direct messages from Twitter customers while working on other social media channel within chat.

Multi Email Inboxes

Enable agents to provide a great customer experience from multi inboxes and email channels while maximizing customer satisfaction.

Contact Center

Powerful enough to manage multiple conversations request via contact centre and customer details making CRM.

WhatsApp Business

Scale your support and sales capacity without compromising control of your conversations on whatsApp business.

Instagram Direct

Improve your customer interaction, team efficiency and boost your sales in a timely manner from a single interface.


Engage and manage SMS conversations from an easy-to-use, secure communication platform.

Real Time Monitoring

Get all your information related your customer queries, agent response, total conversations and many more.


Improve your customer dealing, service and maximize customer satisfaction by centralizing Telegram messages.

Facebook Messenger

Efficiently handle Messenger chats while maximising customer satisfaction and seamless interaction on Facebook.

Website Live Chat

Support customers right on your website. Manage all customer conversations from a single platform with multi departments.

Canned responses

Improve response times with saved replies for the commonly asked questions.

Integrate favourite Apps:


Dedicated Integration of Canadatel telephony feature or can be Integrate with AVAYA and Asterisk based PBX solution to chat app.


Chat supports webDav integration user can share file or data from cloud storage within same interface and upload data directly from chat room.


Chat can connect with any CRM via webhook and you can receive your customer information, conversation and agent details who attend the customer.


SlackBridge allows you to mirror the messages received in a Slack channel or private group into chat in real-time. To enable it, you have to create a Custom Bot in Slack and add it to the desired channels / private groups.

Microsoft Teams

Enable teams to communicate safely with partners, vendors, and suppliers directly from Rocket.Chat regardless of which collaboration platform they use.


Simulates and processes conversation either written or spoken. Bots remember information like a customer's name and reason for seeking support.

Security professionals

can’t live without it

Safeguard your internal and external communications. Chat offers an on-prem solution enabling organizations to fully own their data. Our privacy-centric approach focuses on security governance, risk management, and compliance.