Learning, Delivered your way!

A Learning Management System (LMS) providing a platform for e-learning to empower educators to conceptualize the courses, define course structures and curriculum and facilitate interaction with online students.

In addition to the basic learning module, we have Learning (corporate) module to meet the corporate training needs. Learning (Corporate) combines the best features of Canadatel Learning solution with advanced tools for employee learning. Designed for flexibility, our corporate LMS can be customized for your organization’s size, structure and needs while integrating seamlessly with your software ecosystem.

Engaging you to in quality eLearning experiences

  • Deliver content and tasks in a range of formats for different learning               styles
  • Keep learners updated on course requirements and deadlines
  • Teach and learn on the go with the mobile applications
  • Measure and manage student progress

Improves your teaching and learning outcomes that saves your time and provides more active learning experiences for your Learners you can easily chose your teaching style, track Learners Progress and deadlines and Manage and measure Progresses.

Auto Text Editor and integrated Brick-field Accessibility Toolkit automatically analyzes your courses and checks the content to identify any accessibility issues and provide recommendations.

Streamline the way your institution delivers online learning. From managing enrollments to creating learning plans and grading work, Learning has all the essential tools you need to teach your courses online.

Teach online with the confidence that your systems and data are protected. Developed through a ‘security by design’ approach and supported by a global security community.

Teach the way your students learn best:

Competencies and learning plans

Import or manually create competency frameworks and assign learning plans to individuals or groups of learners.

Teach your way

Build your own education platform to teach the way you want, to any age or number of learners. Whatever online education style you prefer, you can deliver it with Moodle LMS.

Measure & manage progress

Easily track and record student progress, get insights to predict and support students at risk of failing and make informed teaching decisions.

Train and engage diverse teams of learners:

Boost Employee Engagement

Create learning journeys for your staff by combining different courses into programs and reward their progress and achievements with custom certifications.

Different Platform for Different Departments

Give each of your divisions, departments, or franchises their own LMS platform where they can create customized learning environments for different groups of users.

Integrate your favourite apps:


With easy integration of Portal, learners and educators can connect to Portal and share files inside Moodle courses.


Room integration enables instructors to effectively engage remote students anywhere in the world.


The Chat integration with Moodle allows pushing students from Moodle into channels on Chat. These channels correspond to their groups in Moodle.

Customize according to your need:


Personalize your dashboard according to your needs. Display current, past, and future courses, along with due tasks

Privacy Compliance

Add your own brand colours and logo with custom themes.

Ready-To-Use Add-Ons

Customize the functionality with hundreds of ready-to-use add-ons

Self-learning just

a few clicks away!

Assign the necessary courses to current employees to ensure they are developing effective job skills, remain informed about product changes and maintain relevant knowledge through new product and compliance training.