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A fully-featured web-based ticketing system for helpdesk or customer support. It ships in with a multitude of features for handling customer communication through various channels such as social networks (Facebook and Twitter), live chat, e-mails as well as telephone, it also let you record work hours, assign business affiliation based email domain and allow multitasking as well support full-text search. It supports all the modern features which can help to provide most satisfying customer support experience.

Your fast and knowledgeable helpdesk

  • Supports various security mechanisms such as device-logging and two-       factor-authentication
  • Provides a customer interface, where they can track the current editing
  • Supports external authentication via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn                       Immediately reports changes to objects
  • Supports individual escalation or setting client solution time limit

Service saves all your work forever. The automatic historization of all changes means you can track all your edits, updates, and correspondences at any time. You can even follow up even on older tickets years after they were created.

Wanting to help and being able to help do not always go hand in hand. That’s why we have integrated numerous great features that make it easy for helpdesk agents (aka support heroes) to respond quickly, reliably, and competently.

Create individual overviews – specifically for your different teams. Numbers, names, columns, properties, and permissions can be defined by the administrator.

See immediately when someone comments on your Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram posts. The corresponding integration allows you to reply quickly and directly in the Service interface itself that ensures short response times.

Handle incoming support requests from end-users:


Automatic historization of all changes means you can track all your edits, updates, and correspondences at any time.


Dashboard shows you what you have missed. Be it new messages, assigned tickets, or missed calls.

SLA / Escalations

Would you like to guarantee certain customers a specific reaction or solution time? We can help you to meet and evaluate it!

Individual Fields

You can determine what attributes a ticket, customer, or organization has and act on it or customize it.


Individual people require individual styles. Design your signatures freely and add your company logo to the platform.

Out of office

You're not there? But the ticket is waiting! No problem - just appoint a replacement who will receive your tasks automatically.

Smart Chat

Be quick now: via our smart chat, your support team can solve customer queries 7x faster than via conventional email.

Immediate Changes

No processing or loading time - any changes will be reflected immediately & your colleagues can see latest updates.

Customer Interface

After customers have created tickets, they can track the status via the customer interface. So, everyone is always in the picture.

Increase the productivity of the whole company:

Multiple Tasks

Open and edit multiple documents (tickets, users, organizations) at the same time without switching windows.


Form groups to create separation within the teams & departments. You can easily specify senders, assign permissions, and more!

Time Recording

Enables agents to record the exact processing time per ticket. This makes planning and billing easier.

Conflict Warning

Conflict warning directly indicates when multiple agents are editing the same ticket.

Customer Info Page

All of your customers have their own information page with all contact details and important information.

CSV Import of Users

Import your existing databases, user lists, etc. as CSV files with just one click. So, you have access to everything you need!


Allows to create individual ticket templates. So, you can save valuable time and be sure to maintain consistency.

Assigning User to Organization

Create a sharing organization and grant its members certain access rights.

Bundle or Split Tickets

Bundle related tickets or split one ticket into several. This way you always have a structured overview of all open to-dos.

Text Modules

With the help of flexible text modules, customer inquiries can be handled more efficiently. Just define your own shortcuts!

Knowledge Base

Makes sure everyone is always in the picture - whether they’re an agent or a customer with the extensive knowledge base.

Supervisory Relationship

Link main tasks with further tickets within seconds by defining a parent-child relationship.

Stay connected in one place:


An agent can see incoming support calls directly & get customer’s information from CRM apps, Microsoft Teams and Salesforce.


We support various password policies and device logging to ensure that you can work securely and reliably at all times so you can stay safe!


Link programs quickly, easily, and straightforwardly through a REST API and get real-time information on all your channels and operations.


Single Sign-On with just one click thanks to the integration of architectures such as SAML or Shibboleth. Don't spend time & just start right away!

LDAP integration

Centralized user/rights management options using our secure LDAP integration so you can automatically assign roles and permissions.


Sign in through third parties such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google via OAuth & connect securely with just one click.

The kind of support

you want to experience

Problem? Solved! We helps your team to find the right answers. After all, great customer service makes all the difference: two thirds of all customers have changed providers because of poor support. But your customers are not among them!