Get The Most Out Of Your Meetings!

Meet combines flexible communication capabilities with powerful collaborative meetings. With Meet, take your team meetings to the next level via integration with calendar apps, high-definition audio and video and advanced meeting management features. The interface is accessible via web browser or mobile apps. It can also be integrated with other Canadatel applications, Google, MS Teams and Slack. Any one can instantly join the meeting by clicking a link or by dialing a phone number. You can also add participants by calling their phones.

Bringing people together, all over the world

  • High definition video conferencing on any device
  • Stream a conference to an unlimited number of participants over                     YouTube
  • 100% secured and encrypted
  • Invite meeting participants from within a meeting with a link or dial-in             contact number

No tracking. No data collection. Nothing linking you (or anyone else) to a call. Period. With Meet, your conversations stay private to you.

Start calls, live stream to YouTube, or group watch a stream. Create breakout rooms, or conduct polls. All right from any browser. No login. No app to download.

Meet is an online collaboration tool. Chat, call, and share video simply from one place that helps you stay close to all the people in your organization and your customers.

When all the best apps and features that you need are at your fingertips, Screen Sharing, User control, one click invite and private chat in the same window.

Collaboration for privacy-conscious organizations​:

End to End Encryption

You can turn on end-to-end encryption (e2ee) as long as you are using.


Allows healthcare providers to deliver secure and branded video experiences.

Meet p2p

Tested various combinations of devices and experienced no audio/video issues.

Meet from a single place:


Integrated with Telephony Application you can call on cellular network.

Meet Desktop

Desktop Streaming, a video and web conferencing application.

Mobile App

The mobile apps can be downloaded on the App Store for iOS and on the Google Play Store and F-droid platform for Android.


WebRTC Selective Forwarding Unit engine for powering multiparty conferences.

Video Bridge

Designed to run thousands of video streams from a single server.

Auto Functionality

Auto away, Auto re-connect, Auto answer. and auto forward.


You can also open and cast directly from the Meet.

Video Quality

High-quality video conferences.

Car Mode!

This will open the car mode screen, a brand new in-meeting experience.

Integrate your favourite apps:


Phone a guest.The easiest way to invite friends and colleagues.


Integrate with Learning Courses.

34 Apps

Can be integrated with 34 applications like Dropbox, Slack, Chat, etc.

Fully secure you say…

What does this mean exactly?

Meet rooms get created when the first participant joins and they are destroyed when the last one leaves. Any information they choose to enter, such as their name or email address is purely optional and is only shared with other meeting participants.