Welcome To Your Phone In The Cloud!

Landline, fax, call management, and more – everything in one place with this state of the art communications solution. It offers many benefits over traditional PBX systems. Manage all your voicemails, auto attendants, and recorded messages. This also includes phone extensions for everyone in the company. All your PBX needs in a single system just for you.

With a full set of essential features

  • Robust feature set – Over 150 features for your call handling.
  • Budget Friendly – No need to set up expensive infrastructure.
  • Plug and Play – Quick deployment with minimal interruptions.
  • Highly Scalable – Pay only for your actual requirements.
  • Highly Adaptable – Full customization & multi-device access.
  • Enhanced Collaboration – Integrates with your business applications.
  • Reliable & Secure – We take care of the infrastructure.
  • Increased Efficiency – Detailed insights into your business metrics.
  • Increased Redundancy – Ensure disaster recovery & fault tolerance.
  • Ease of Use – Access from multiple intuitive interfaces.

Connect your business locations, external team members and home offices with just one user account – across the world while using the same telephone number.

Don’t be stuck behind your desk – access all your business phone features from anywhere with a softphone on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Team sizes vary. Requirements do too. Adjust your contract and features any time. With little upfront for investment, minimize your all risk. All options can be terminated monthly.

Simply log in to your account and have everything at your fingertips. New team member? Just a few clicks and – done.

Build your business with telephony:

Phone On The Go

Ability to use softphones on your mobile, laptop or tablet allowing you to take calls from your office number.


Call Detail Records–CDR reporting allows you to view phone calls in a graphical interface. You can filter by date, extension, user, duration, & more!

Voice Messaging

Receive voicemails via email or download voicemail mp3 files from your phone web portal.

Control Console

All calls, faxes, voicemails and call recordings available at a glance in your events list.

Follow Me

The phone system is capable of routing the final call to many different destinations such as your voicemails, other extensions, IVR’s, call queues, and more.

Operator Dashboard

Enjoy full attendant and front desk capabilities from a web browser, freeing you to work from anywhere!

IVR (Interactive-Voice Response)

Inform & help callers reach the right people in your team with an automated call menu (IVR). Different menus based on location or department.

Ring Groups

Create groups of members who can be reached with the same number.

Call Conferencing

Add multiple participants to your calls from an easy to use interface.

Voicemail To Email

This feature allows users to listen to voicemail messages via email or smart-phone device without having to physically use their desk-phone.

Multi Device Access

Make and receive both external and internal calls on your device of choice – desk phone, mobile or laptop.

Phone Directory

Callers can easily find the person they are trying to reach without knowing their extension by entering the first three letters of the first or last name.

Call Recording

Full control of call recordings with no compromised security and encryption.

Never Miss a call

You can receive call on cell/landline without exposing it to the caller.

Caller ID

This is useful if a particular phone belongs to a particular department or if an individual wishes to display his/her direct number when placing outgoing calls.

Get all the call center features:

Call Queues

Queueing prevents lost calls when team members are already on the phone. The next available team member gets the next call.

Queue Stats

This feature allows running statistical reports of your Queue Activity. Get detailed insights into abandoned call rates, talk times, agent metrics and much more!

Call Parking

Call parking enables a call to be placed in a call parking lot with an assigned number. This parked call can be picked up by any user with any phone.

Switch Board

SwitchBoard is an interface with which you can monitor and manage the different activities.My Extension, Trunk, My Queues, Extensions, Queues, Conferences, Parking Lots, Queues Stats Summary, Queues Members Summary, Queue Calls, Queue Overview, Queues Calls Counter.

Call Spy

This feature can be useful if an executive wishes to listen to an active call live without the call party knowing.

Call Back Assist

Eliminate the annoyance of long hold times for your customers. Call Back Assist (CBA) feature allows callers to request an automatic call back once a team member is available.


Stats will let you run statistic reports over your Asterisk Queue Activity. Giving you detailed information about the calls on your queues.

Dynamic Routing

The Dynamic Routing feature allows you to route missed or not completed outgoing calls to the original caller, When extension user make an outgoing call, the called party can call back extension user directly, no pass through operator.

Predictive Dialer

Enjoy full outbound automated call center capabilities with custom campaigns, forms and data collection.

Call Screening

This is useful to prevent unwanted calling/solicitation, prevent harassment and/or abuse, stop telemarketing companies who just won’t give up, and more!

IVR Stats

The IVR statistics module can obtain summarized reports of the option pressed by the clients, so that they allow us to determine which option is not necessary or is very little used in the IVR.

Recording Management

Recording Management is a software through which you can manage the recordings of your PBX. With RM you can management Flag, Notes and Reference associate to the recordings.

Integrate your favourite apps:


Dedicated Integration of Canadatel telephony with our chat application. It enable user to communicate safely with customers, vendors & user to user directly from chat application.


Telephony can connect with any CRM via webhook and you can receive your customer information and agent details who attend the customer calls.


Provides API Implementation to integrate third-party applications with your system.

Telephony security:

Authorization Codes

Authorization codes are used to ensure that no one else can make external calls from my phone, these codes also allow us to make calls from any telephone using the privileges of access to the dial plan that owns the code. In the CDR will appear this code and it is possible to obtain reports by authorization codes.

Built-in Firewall

Telephony offers various levels of protection against cyber threats in the VoIP world. With the integrated firewall you can block or authorize certain services or ports, as well as authorize or block certain IP addresses.

PIN-Protected Outbound Calls

PIN Set is a module that allows you to create groups of passwords for easier setup. One of these groups of PINs can be selected for example on an Outbound Route, thus limiting their use only to people who have a PIN. This function is very important to avoid malicious calls.

Call Encryption (SIP TLS, sRTP)

The advantage of choosing TLS is that the SIP traffic exchanged between SIP UA & Asterisk will be encrypted, it means it will take a considerable amount of time & effort for the Man in The Middle to decrypt it without the encryption key, if not possible.


Fail2Ban is able to reduce the rate of incorrect authentications attempts however it cannot eliminate the risk that weak authentication presents. Configure services to use only two factor or public/private authentication mechanisms if you really want to protect services.

Phone Lock

It is possible to lock the phone with a password which is related to the extension, if the phone is locked every time a call is made you will be asked for this password. The blocking is done by invoking a Features code.

Communicate from

anywhere, anyway

Run in your browser, operating system, and mobile device. Accompanied as well by the mobile apps. No matter where you are located, you can communicate with our tools. Take advantage of these functionality to maintain your business safe and connected.